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Friday, December 16, 2011

Things I'm Excited About!

Okay, the first thing that I am very excited about is the new book by former Essence mmagazine editor-in-chief Mikki Taylor, called "Commander in Chic : Every Woman's Guide to Managing Her Style Like a First Lady." This book "uses the secrets of Michelle Obama's total style to empower women to live and look their best." Oww! I LOVE Michelle Obama; her smarts, her personality, her style. It's all purrfect. She is such a wonderful role model for young Black women and her fashion game is always on point. She has brought such a freshness to the position of First Lady; no more boring "old lady suits" and stuffy dresses. I am very excited about reading this book and can't wait to get it in my "paws."

The next thing that I am excited about is my order of Hairfinity vitamins that should be arriving any day now! I've been seeing these vitamins on Facebook for awhile now and I've wanted to try them. Not necessarily because I think they'll be a miracle vitamin and grow my hair super long, but because I just simply want to see for myself if they do what the makers claim they do. And that is to "increase your hair growth rate up to 200% within the first month." So I will post before and after pictures of myself on this blog and on my youtube channel. I really hope that these vitamins actually do something; a lot of the girls and women are see on Facebook and YouTube who buy them are Black women and  I know with a lot of us, our hair can be a source of great concern and low self-esteem. I hope that this company isn't on some snake oil salesmen type of rap and just taking advantage of all the women and girls out there who desperately want longer hair. So we shall see. Check back around the end of January for my update on them.

The last thing I'm excited about today is Christmas! Christmas dinner to be exact. My mom is such a good cook; her greens are the bomb.com and I cannot wait to just lay up and eat, eat, eat until I explode! Sounds good doesn't it? LOL.

Well thanks for reading and have a great day everyone! Don't forget to subscribe and stay-tuned for my Hairfinity results.

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