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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sunday Afternoon Adventure!

Today was such a great day! It was very hot here in the Steel City and I loved it! Purrfect weather for me. So, the day started off with breakfast at Eating Park, which I did not enjoy because after requesting that my sausage be "super super well-done" it came out looking grey with some burnt edges. It wasn't pink inside, but the looks of it freaked me out so I didn't touch it. The french toast however was edible. LOL. The real issue is that I really just need to stop eating pork all-together. It's no bueno. But thats a blog for another time.

Anyway, after that came back home, relaxed a bit and then went out with my friend. We went to what I believe is the highest point in the city and just took in the sights (which I've seen a thousand times) and had pizza and icecream. It was a lovely day and it really helped me to forget about the things that have been bugging me, if just for a little while. It was so hot, my icecream cone had no chance of survival and almost immediately began to melt. I had vanilla icecream and rainbow sprinkles running down my hands, my legs and going into my tennis shoes. It was so sticky and gross but it was fun. I felt like a kid again.

So, overall it was a great day and I am so glad to be home relaxing. I just don't want to get up in the morning :( But a girl has to make that $$$$ :) Below are some of the pictures from my Sunday Afternoon Adventure.

(On the road. Pink Shades & Hello Kitty Fitted Cap)

(Steeltown! This should be a postcard)

(The great Heinz Field in the back)

(My OOTD : SUPER Simple...Tank top, shorts, pink Guess handbag, and Hello Kitty Fitted Cap)

Until next time!!!!
xoxoxo ~ Kitten


  1. Have a great week, I loved your pics.

    Lisa xx

  2. Thanks Lisa!! I'm glad you liked them. I'm trying to get my photography skills up. You have a great week as well :)