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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My First Blog....

Hello Ladies and Gents! Welcome to my blog. This is my first entry and I am so excited! I have been wanting to do a beauty blog for awhile now but never had the time to do it. Now, I have a smidgen of time on my hands, so I figured why not get started. I've been inspired by a lot of the beauty blogs I've seen on here as well as a lot of the YouTube gurus, and I have a lot of knowledge to share so I wanted to join in the fun. I also think this is a good way to network and meet people; I'm a girls-girl and I love making new friends and sharing information, so...... :)

Let me also say that this blog isn't going to be just about makeup and things like that (even though makeup will play a big role because thats what I'm into) I also want to write about things that affect all women, not just the girly ones...things we can all relate to, thats my my blog is titled "...Beauty Inside & Out." I believe that the most beautiful thing about any woman is truely whats inside of her. You can be drop-dead gorgeous on the outside and wear exspensive makeup and have $500 handbags, but if your attitude stinks and you're a total bitch, well that makes you quite the ugly person.

So I'm looking forward to sharing my beauty tips and sharing my adventures in life with you all. I hope you enjoy reading because I have a lot to say ;)


  1. Hi there,
    Thanks for joining Eve's house, I look forward to your blog posts, I'm a girly-girl too! Although I'm not into make-up, I need some tips just in case I go there :D

    Have fun blogging! Wish you all the best! Eve

  2. Hello KM,
    I found your blog via Eve, she is one of my most faithful followers, so you are in great company. I am your newest follower and I am also looking forward to your blog post.

    Take Care and God Bless all you do.

    Lisa xx

  3. Thank you ladies! I have been off the grid for awhile, so I'm JUST NOW back on my blog, lol, and just now reading your comments. Thank you for following me. I plan to add a lot more very soon. I hope you find my blog very interesteding! :)